“I was rear ended in a motor vehicle accident and received neck injuries. It was agreed that the other driver was completely at fault yet since I had a previous back injury the insurance company refused to admit that my neck injury was from this accident. I tried a number of other attorneys but none felt there was enough money in it for them to take my case. Most of these attorneys made me feel like it was a hopeless case. Shayla agreed to help me. Not only did she take charge of my case but she achieved getting me a great settlement. She helped me when no one else would take on the insurance company. I had really started to get a negative attitude about attorneys but Shayla made me believe there are actual human beings that are attorney and that care. I would highly recommend Shayla Reed. She is a highly skilled professional and she is a very caring person, not just another attorney.”  

"Thank you so much for your diligent and tireless efforts on my behalf. Again and again, you have displayed your professionalism and proficiency. I appreciate more than you will ever know the marvelous job you have done for me. With heartfelt thanks to a kind, compassionate, gracious and splendid lady!"  


 "Thank you for everything you have done for us. We truly appreciate your kindness and compassion."

Kent and Sue
"Shayla, you are the very best at what you have done for us. Your caring phone calls periodically helped me to be involved and know what was going on. The way you guided us through the entire process was more like a friend than an attorney. I would recommend you to anyone."

Bonnie and Rick

"Here's an extra Thank-you for all your help. I was so lucky to have your firm work for me. I appreciate your professional and yet personal attention. 
Again- Thanks!!"


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