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Nursing Home Abuse

You thought you found a dependable nursing home for yourselves or a loved one, but unexpected things still happened: random bruises, no, bath, no assist when needed, etc.  Nursing home abuse is not a matter that can be taken lightly under any circumstances. 

Nursing home abuse has been misconceived as entailing only physical abuse to the elders. However, physical abuse is only the tip of the iceberg. If a nursing home guest is subject to emotional suffering and feeling ill emotions due to imposed stress, it is also considered as abuse. Nursing home abuse can be in the form of physical, emotional, verbal, mental and sexual. There are several types of doings that are defined as nursing home abuse by the law, including:
 • Active physical abuse
 • Neglect
 • Mental abuse or emotional suffering
 • Withholding of care

If you believe that you or someone else is a victim of nursing home abuse, please do not delay contacting the authorities and Reed Law. Our team is here to listen to your concerns, provide you with free-of-change advice and in the event that you have enough evidence to build a case. We promise to fight for your rights while maintaining your dignity. 

Wrongful Death

If you've lost a loved one due to the negligence of others or a disastrous auto accident, let us represent you in a court of law. We've handled many wrongful death cases here in Omaha involving a variety of tragic circumstances. From drunken drivers to nursing home neglect to medical prescription errors, we stand by the families of those who were lost. If you think you have a strong case for a wrongful death suit, we'll provide you with a completely confidential consultation. 

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Auto accident injury in Omaha, NE

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